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Our Commitments & Capabilities

We are committed to constantly looking for the expansion of our current facilities to sharpen our competitive edge in the global market. We have made significant investments year-on-year on latest state-of-the-art machinery and technology to encompass our manufacturing activities, keeping abreast of the needs of our customers.


Our greatest strength is in designing jigs and fixtures for our process control. We implement and use customized jigs and fixtures to hold, locate and guide the products in all our manufacturing processes as our standard practice. This unique element is the very reason how we gained recognition. This is also our prime concern to ensure maximum quantity of production, adhering to the specified standards or even better quality of products for our customers.


To further strengthen our capabilities, we are committed to continuously train our people to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge to maintain our technological leadership edge. We also regularly update our people to keep on par with the new changes in technology. This enables us to maintain a productive and dedicated workforce to produce the best-in-class products and services to our customers.


With our capabilities and commitments, we believe that we can make a difference by offering total manufacturing solutions and supplying one-stop products to our customers.


Our comprehensive range of capabilities includes the following:​

·        Total Project Management

·        Design and Development

·        EDM and Wire-cut Machines

·        CNC Machining Centres

·        CNC Lathe & Auto Lathe

·        Drilling, Milling and Grinding Machines

·        Press Machines

·        Robot Welding line

·        Inspection Facilities ( Scope, & etc.)

·        Other Secondary Facilities

Management Team

We have an integrated team of project engineers to oversee and monitor the progresses of projects on new products before launching them to the production department.


The engineers will plan, schedule, coordinate and work closely with all departments, subsidiary companies and of course our customers to ensure the deadline and the requirements of the projects are successfully met.


The team will ensure all necessary process controls and criteria are properly established, channelled and conveyed to the respective departments locally and globally.


The team will also ensure all technical or outstanding issues are resolved before launching the projects to the production team or handing them over to respective customers.

CNC Milling, Auto Lathe & CNC Lathe

We own a number of horizontal and vertical CNC machines that runs at high speed and a couple of high precision Auto lathes and CNC lathes to facilitate high-requirement production parts.


With our high removal and fast feed rates, great accuracy and stability, our CNC Lathes & Auto Lathes can provide demonstrably higher quality, shorter time-to-market and the flexibility to meet changing production volumes, shorter part life cycles and reduced machining costs.


For production control, we are using customized jigs and fixtures during processes which will significantly reduce the setup times and human-dependent mistakes.


In addition, all our operators are trained to be proficient in programming, set-up and operation of machines.

Quality Equipment

We have the capability to perform inspections on the measurements of the products or tools accurately and precisely regardless of their sizes and complexity.


We also strongly hold onto using customized checking jigs and fixtures to fabricate and to control the quality of products during each process. The checking jigs and fixtures will simulate the functionality of products, optimize the control and reduce the inspection time. Our well established inspection facilities enable us to have proper process control and thus increase the confidence level of customers on our products.


Moreover, all our inspectors are required to go through proper trainings in metrology and technical drawing before they are qualified into their respective jobs. All our trained inspectors possess essential skills and knowledge to carry out the inspection and measurement effectively and efficiently.

Quality Equipment

To support our fabrication and production activities, we are fully integrated with various types of drilling, milling and grinding machines and CNC Wire cut.


For production control, we practice using customized jigs and fixtures to locate and control the products during every process. It eases operators to perform their jobs with minimum mistakes and lead-time. Therefore, we are capable to produce the required superior finishing and exact specifications in our customers’ internal drawings.


In addition, all these machines are operated by our well-trained machinists or operators who are adept and experienced to deliver the machining jobs on time.

Quality Equipment

We own numbers of Panasonic Robot to perform our complicated welding processes.


With our fast feed rates, greater accuracy and stability, our Robots’ welding line can provide demonstrably higher quality, shorter time-to-market and the flexibility to meet changing production volumes, shorter part life cycles and reduced manual welding costs.

Quality Equipment

Our finished goods and incoming materials are all well controlled. As an ISO9001 certified company, our goods are all well labelled.


We control our storage through statistics control and our store keepers are all trained to be proficient in recording and data entry.

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